Drainage at Woloshchuk Enterprises Inc




Woloshchuk Enterprises Inc in Monson, MA are the experts in drainage for both water and sewage. Our drainage services can be utilized in a variety of circumstances.


For example, are you experiencing delays with your project because of standing water on your construction site? We're always available to help you deal with this problem by digging the most efficient drainage plan for the site.


It's also important to remember that there's more to a durable and safe road than just the pavement. Without planning for adequate drainage, you risk an unsafe road full of potholes.


Additionally, our drainage excavation involves the removal of material encountered during the installation of drainage structures such as roadway pipe and culverts. Typically, the material from this type of excavation is not suitable for reuse.

Other services we offer include demolition and septic system services. Contact Woloshchuk Enterprises Inc in Monson, MA today to learn more.



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